Joints and Ligaments – Fitness basics

Since organizes annual Fitness Meetings where people talk about the fitness and learn new innovations, for this ocassion we prepared some basic knowledge regarding joints and ligaments.


The articulate parts of a joint, the parts that come in contact with each other, are composed of hyaline cartilage, a very smooth, gristle-like substance. It allows for the smooth gliding or motion of one part of the joint on the other. Now, as you know, movement occurs at a joint where two bones come together.

SDFPChondromalacia (runner`s knee) is a condition involving the softening or fraying of this smooth joint surface. This is often the first step in a long chain of events leading to degenerative arthritis-the degeneration of the bone and cartilage of a joint- which is very painful and chronically disabling condition.

programs-fibromyalgiaThe joint capsule , a thick, fibrous envelope enclosing the joint, is intimately associated with the ligaments. Ligaments are tough, fibrous bands which connects two bones.They help to stabilize the joint and prevent abnormal joint motion, while allowing motion to proceed in the normal functional direction.

The capsule and ligaments are the passive stabilizers of the joint, as opposed to the muscle/tendon group, which has an active stabilizer effect. In addition to its motor function, the muscle/tendon group on one side of a joint can actively stabilize the joint when it combines with the muscle/tendon group on the other side to prevent motion.

Injuries to the Capsule and Ligaments

Injuries can involve the capsule ligaments as well as the bone and cartilage (osteocartilaginous) structures of the joint. Despite getting a direct blow by a blunt object, resulting in a contusion (bruise), or a sharp object, resulting in a laceration(cut), ligamentous injury can also occur from overstress, resulting in damage to the substance of the ligament or to the site of its attachment. Injury to a ligament in this manner is commonly called a sprain.
It is a stretch injury to a passive, restraining structure. A strain, on the other hand, occurs in the active structure, the muscle/tendon complex. Often a violent external force causes the joint to move in an abnormal direction, stressing the ligament or ligaments beyond their ability to withstand tearing. The area of least resistance becomes the site of injury.

Tearing ligament – the most frequent sport’s injury

world-cup-injuryA ligament stretched too far will tear.The tear may be partial or complete. It can occur anywhere within the ligament or at the site of bony attachment, in which case a small piece of bone may be pulled off and left attached to the end of the ligament. An avulsion fracture of bone occurs, and treatment is often the same as for a severe sprain.

Whether the injury is mild or severe depends upon the amount of force applied and the inherent strength of the structures involved. Only a few ligament fibers may be torn, or the ligament may be partially or completely disrupted.

Usually, if you experience little pain and few symptoms, the damage is minor; if pain, swelling, and discomfort are more notice-able, the injury is more severe and you should visit your doctor ASAP to avoid further possible complications.

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